“When The Beatles came out with “Strawberry Fields” and “Penny Lane” a lot of fans (and critics) were befuddled that the new sound didn’t have the same harmonies as with the more pop-sounding songs The Fab Four conquered. The idea that songs could have a dissonance to them, a layering of progressive brass, twinkling organs and even darker tones would unbeknownst at the time. For a band like Oakland, California’s Fancy Dad, the depth and the magnitude of their sound grows and grows with each note of the ‘oh-oh-oh’ or jazzy sax in the highly entertaining self-titled EP. Things also get funky.” – Nicole Killian Mob York City

“Fancy Dad are a rare breed of musicians that cartwheel their vintage (as in 60s) instruments parallel to modern synthesizers and jazzy drums. Hailing from Oakland, California, and sounding like aural neon, Fancy Dad dabs mostly in jazz and funk, but fans of pop rock will get their kicks going with songs like “Lucky 33” and “Bee Line.” The party doesn’t stop with “Meanwhile Yesterday” or “Foam Carpet”. – Mindy McCall Indie Pulse Music


Jesse Boley – Saxophone, Bass, Keys, Synth
Peter Sullivan – Guitar, Bass
Molly Smart – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keys, Flute
Justin Silva – Drums, Backing Vocals, Drum Pad/Synth Triggers, Talk Box
Katie Smart – Vocals