Fancy Dad’s recent release is a 4 song self titled EP combining Funk, Pop and Jazz. Released February 28th 2020 on PA74Music, the 15 minute EP is as Nicole Killian of Mob York City put “For a band like Oakland, California’s Fancy Dad, the depth and the magnitude of their sound grows and grows with each note of the ‘oh-oh-oh’ or jazzy sax in the highly entertaining self-titled EP. Things also get funky.” The single from the EP “Lucky 33” is available now for a free download, just enter your name and email address under the arrow and you’ll receive your free copy!

What some other folks have said…

“You just gotta listen. It will make  you so happy.”
Recommended by  Laura J Turnbull on  Facebook
“Buttery as always”
ae0190 from Instagram
“You guys pack a lot of jam!”
aub_music from Instagram
“The sun seems to always shine for the band Fancy Dad. It’s not just the urge to dance that makes you like them, it’s their eccentric blends that get you hooked.” –  Indie Pulse Music

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