Ok, so you’ve landed here and you’re wondering who is Fancy Dad? We are 4 friends that make a blend of Indie Funk-Jazz or ” A cocktail of Vulfpeck, Zero 7 and Snarky Puppy”. We’d like to invite you into our world of playful arrangements, tricky musical maneuvers and all of the harmonies! 

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What some other folks have said about us…

“You just gotta listen. It will make  you so happy.”
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“Buttery as always”
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“You guys pack a lot of jam!”
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We all come from different musical backgrounds so as a group we pull from a wide variety of influences to create a fresh mix of funk, jazz, and electro pop. We also like making stop motion music videos (sign up for our email list to get more info on that!)

So with all of that being said we’d love to send you our single “Lucky 33” from our latest full length EP called you guessed it, “Lucky 33”. Just enter your e-mail address underneath the red arrow and you will immediately be sent the download link.

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