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Thanks so much for picking up your copy of LUCKY 33. This was our first release recorded in a studio so we’re excited to be able to share what came out of that experience with you.

As our way of saying thanks we wanted to let you know about a special offer for more music! Our first EP The Diamond Center was mostly recorded by us in our practice space and in a bedroom (we made a vocal booth out of our closet, highly recommend:). It’s a short 3 song EP that we’re proud of and a lot of the ideas that ended up on LUCKY 33 came from this self recorded let’s just make some stuff EP. We never officially released it online, we only sold it on small usb sticks at shows for $5.00. Since you’re here we wanted to offer a DIGITAL download of The Diamond Center EP for just $3.00.

Keep in mind that other than at live shows we won’t be offering this anywhere else and have no plans to officially release it.

No thanks, I’d like to pass on this special one time offer and proceed with getting my download links.