Motion Sickness

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Given that Fancy Dad is a totally DIY project, we don’t work with a manager or a label and instead use the power of the internet to reach people (that’s you!). Enter our stop motion music video as the prime example! Our lead singer Molly dove into her interest of set design/crafting to make a video for the single off our latest EP, Lucky 33.

Using a desk covered in curtains as our primary filming “studio”, we filmed 90% of the action there along with various other locations around the house, including our coffee table. Along the way there have been some hiccups for sure, and we occasionally wondered if we might be living our version of Ben Wyatt and his “Requiem for a Tuesday” claymation project….

We took some in process photos to share… Man, what a summer project. Scroll down to see the full video!

Talk soon!

-Fancy Dad

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