I hope the neighbors won’t mind…

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So this is just a quick back story of how we (Fancy Dad) came to be… Hopefully this will also bridge the gap so to speak on this random internet connection…

The band was started by Justin Silva (drums, synth, vocals and the one writing this blog post!) and Molly Smart (keys, lead vocals, flute) in 2017. We quickly added our friends Peter Sullivan (bass, guitar) and Jesse Boley (saxophone, bass, synth). We all met in a previous band that did quite well for a while. We were lucky enough to share the stage with Blonde Redhead, The Internet, Hiatus Kayote, Kneebody, and many others. What started as a side project while in the previous band eventually became the full time project. We lost access to our practice space shortly after starting Fancy Dad though and it looked like we’d be practicing in our living room for the long term. Out of nowhere a room opened up in one of the only practice spaces left in our area ( we live in the SF Bay Area so rehearsal spaces are at a premium!). We definitely lucked out and were able to move into room 33 after a few months of living room rehearsals. With a consistent space to be able to work and get loud in ( shout out to the neighbors for not calling the cops on us.. 🙂 ) we started developing what would eventually become the group of songs on our self titled Fancy Dad EP.

Practice Space
We’re excited to get these songs out in the world and share what we bring together in that rehearsal space to you the listener….

Anyways thanks for reading and hopefully you have a better sense of where we’re coming from now. If you’re interested in hearing more music you can check it out here ——>. Click here for the full EP!

That’s all we have for now, happy listening!

-Justin, Molly, Peter, Jesse and Katie


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